Stand-alone & mobile OCR & MSR readers

Check-in and airport OCR and MSR

Access manufacture a range of stand-alone readers for the airport environment, to read magnetic stripe cards (MSRs), OCR documents and passports according to ICAO 9303.


These readers are designed to be added to existing or new installations of equipment at check-in, boarding gate, lounge and immigration desks in airports.


Readers within the range are cabable of reading machine-readable passports (MRP), visas (MRV), ATB2 documents, credit and loyalty cards and ID cards.

Optional brackets are available to enable the readers to be mounted at almost any angle and integrated into the smallest check-in, boarding gate or immigration desk. These readers are intuitive to use, with a simple hand swipe operation.

Host connection can be made via industry standard RS232 or USB interfaces and are compatible with leading common use system software.



Compact OCR & MSR readers overview


Compact OCR passport and ID readerOCR315e/316e stand-alone OCR readers with optional MSR

These compact and robust OCR passport and ID card readers with optional MSR can function as standalone units or be attached to keyboards, monitors and tablets.

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Airport OCR readerOCR32x stand-alone OCR readers

OCR reader with dual illumination with USB or RS232 serial interface. Can read machine readable passports, visas, and travel cards conforming to ICAO Document 9303.

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OCR and MSR combined readerOCR34x stand-alone MSR & OCR readers

Combined OCR and MSR reader with USB or RS232 serial interface. In addition to the reading capability of the OCR32x family, the OCR34x can read ATB2 coupons, 1, 2 and 3 track credit cards.

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Airport snap-on accessoriesSnap-on accessory for PDTs & UMPCs to read passports & ID cards

A number of snap-on accessories have been developed to work with Motorola, Intermec and many other ultra-mobile PCs and PDTs.

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