AKB500 keyboard with integrated MSR & OCR functionality

ATB integrated check-in keyboard


The AKB500 is Access' latest space-saving, multi-function keyboard with bi-directional inbound reading capability.

This device's new OCR reading engine is more than 50% faster than its predecessors. The read camera's placement at the centre of the read slot allows for bi-directional reading within the footprint of the device, saving valuable desk and counter space.

The keyboard can be adapted to add a new host or to support non-standard cards, such as loyalty or frequent flyer cards and specially dedicated formats.

AKB500 Datasheet


AKB500 keyboard features


Airline check-in deskCashierOCR slot reads machine-readable passports, visas and travel documents conforming to ICAO recommendation 9303; tickets; ID, resident alien and Green cards

Magnetic Swipe Reader accepts ISO 1-, 2- and 3-track credit cards to ISO7811/2-5; reads in both directions at a variety of swipe speeds; has a long-life magnetic head and stainless steel document guide

A wide variety of language and custom keyboard layouts are available

Auxiliary RS-232C serial interface for decoded barcode scanner

Optional pointing device available

Up to two optional USB hub ports can be added.





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