Programmable Keyboard with Integrated Passport Reader

Keyboard for duty-free, hotel, car hire, currency desks

The AKC110-O is a keyboard with integrated passport and magnetic card reader designed for use in bureaus de change, hotels, car rental depots, post offices, retail banks or wherever identities need to be checked for transaction processing. The keyboard is programmable, compact and ruggedly built for the most demanding applications with a keycap layout designed to be simple and easy to use for operators.


Magnetic Card Reader

A bi-directional magnetic card reader is fitted to read any ISO standard MSR card including loyalty cards.


Passport Reader

Access IS' proven passport reader technology provides fast and reliable bi-directional reading and uses the same slot as the magnetic card reader. Access have supplied its passport reader solutions to thousands of positions in airports around the world and is recognised as a technology leader in this area.



The keyboard, magnetic card reader and passport reader can be configured to give 'plug and play' operation to make implementation as simple as possible.


The unit has a single USB connection and does not require any external power source, also simplifying deployment. Designed to occupy the minimum of counter space, the AKC110 is one of several Access AKC models able to be fitted with the OCR/MSR reader.


Flexibility and Reliability

The majority of all keyboards manufactured by Access are based on a proven and well established modular design. When combined with our ability to offer custom keysets, non-standard housing colours and application-specific keyboard programming, we are able to offer an infinite number of keyboard variations from a single basic design. As a result, design costs and time to market are kept to a minimum, and a high product reliability is assured.


Integrating functionality into the keyboard provides reduced counter clutter, simplified cabling and a tidier counter image. Our keyboards are available with a wide range of standard integration options including OCRs, MSRs, Smartcard readers, GlidePoints and trackerballs. Our biometric fingerprint reader option provides a more secure alternative to the typed password, user ID cards or tokens, which can be forgotten, lost or stolen.



Thai language POS keyboardAccess provides a configuration service to customise keyboards with special key top layouts, key colours and legends. Our Windows configuration software enables users to design their own layouts. The colour-coding of keys and the use of double or quad keys with clear legends significantly improves the ease of use of a keyboard and reduces operator error. While we offer a number of standard colours, we can also produce customer-specified key colours, for example by matching corporate colours to reinforce the retailers brand.


Our keyboards are fully programmable. Programming can be done by our technical staff or by customers using our free-to-use Windows SoftProg utility. Macros can be programmed into the keyboard so that they operate by a single key press and the keytop legend can identify the function. Once finalised, code settings can be downloaded into the keyboard's non-volatile memory.


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Keyboard reliability is designed into every one of our products. Our standard key switches have gold contacts, a rated lifetime of over 50 million operations, and are mounted in a robust, shock-absorbing steel sub-frame. Two-shot molded keycaps are available for heavy-duty applications, where printed or lasered lettering is likely to wear.


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