ATOM® Multi-Function OCR / MSR / BCR Reader


Access’ new ATOM® Multi-Function Reader is a state-of-the-art OCR/MSR/BCR reader with a low profile and aesthetically pleasing design. The device allows for both desktop use and simple, streamlined OEM integration into countertops, self-service kiosks and self-bag drops.


The ATOM Multi-Function Reader delivers fast (non-swipe) MRZ decoding of passports and ID cards and integrates an ergonomic MSR swipe reader for credit and FQTV cards. It can optionally include an intuitive and fast 1D/2D barcode reader that can read from paper, phones, tablets and smart watches.


Barcode tickets are presented, face-down, over the scanning window. The large window with wide viewing angle and deep depth-of-field creates a large barcode reading zone that results in fast detection and reading even before the document touches down.


Designed for future-proof operation, the unit can be supplied equipped with contactless/NFC operation and, if permissible, can provide full-page passport/ID image.


OCR640 passport and ID document reader for proof of identity



  • Check-in
  • Security channels
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Self-boarding gates
  • Self-bag drop.



  • Compact and low profile
  • Ultra-fast operation
  • Simple kiosks/countertop integration
  • Reads OCR and MSR as standard
  • Operates without external power source when using USB 3.0
  • Optional: 1D/2D barcode reading
  • Optional: RFID reading for contactless cards and smart devices.


Also avaiable is the ATOM® Multi-Function OCR & MSR Reader with Optional Barcode & RFID functionality. The KAD300 features a permanently mated ATOM and Expansion Dock. Further details can be found on the KAD300 datasheet