Stand-alone OCR and MSR Readers

Bank OCR and MSR

Access design and manufacture a comprehensive range of stand alone optical character recognition (OCR) and magnetic swipe (MSR) readers for the banking and finance environment. The full range of readers are designed to read items such as credit cards, log-on cards and banking documents.

Optional mounting brackets are available for integration into any desk or bank teller position to make the reader secure and easy to operate. Mounting brackets are flexible, allowing the reader to be presented in almost any orientation.

Readers are intuitive to operate with a simple hand swipe operation. Host connection can be made via industry standard RS232 or USB interfaces. Access supply banking keyboards with integrated MSRs and OCRs: see the banking and finance custom keyboard products page.


Product Overview

Programmable banking MSRACR7x Series

Programmable magnetic swipe reader for any magnetic or credit card format. The ACR75 has a keyboard emulation USB interface and the ACR76 has serial emulation USB interface.

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Bank OCR readerOCR32x Series

OCR reader with USB or RS232 serial interface. Can read machine readable characters on cheques and other banking documents.

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Bank OCR and MSR combined readerOCR34x Series

Combined OCR and MSR reader with USB or RS232 serial interface. In addition to the reading capability of the OCR32x family, the OCR34x can read data from 1, 2 and 3 track credit cards.

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