2D barcode and NFC check-in and boarding gate readers

OCR316 passport and card reader with MSR


High-quality boarding gate readers with unique engineering design:

Fast, accurate and reliable reads of 2D barcodes on smartphones and tablets

Equally high-performance and efficiency reading printed documents and tickets

Face-up and face-down omnidirectional readers process data almost instantaneously from any angle.





Boarding gate and check-in readers



BGR750 Flatbed Boarding Gate Reader


Modern flatbed boarding gate reader for all media types, with optional NFC capability.




Modern boarding gate reader designed specifically with a large throat to allow truly intuitive use with all media types including the latest smart watches.

BGR135 boarding gate barcode reader

BGR135 & BGR135C

2D barcode boarding pass reader with NFC functionality option and receipt printing port.

  ATR110 boarding pass barcode readers


2D barcode boarding pass reader for use with smartphones, tablets and paper.

LSR112 barcode imager


Fixed position 2D barcode imager for use with workstations or Access ATB42x keyboards.

  BGR130 boarding gate barcode reader


2D barcode boarding pass reader with manual MSR for occasional ATB2 reading.

LSR130 boarding gate barcode readers


2D barcode imager with manual 4-track MSR for occasional use.


Boarding gate reader accessories



Boarding gate receipt printer

RP9000 Printer

Receipt printer for use with the BGR130 and BGR135 boarding gate readers.




Airport boarding: NFC read of smartphone boarding pass by a BGR135C, with accompanying RP9000 Receipt Printer.


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