Hand-held barcode scanners

Hand held bar code reader

Today's market demands high-performance bar code reading with speed, accuracy and data integrity. That's what our range of hand-held imagers offer through Hand Held Products' Adaptus™ Imaging Technology. With no internal moving parts, the readers are built to withstand years of drops, vibration, extreme temperatures and general abuse.

These two hand-held imager models are 'purpose-built' to match specific application requirements. Choose the 3800g general-purpose imager to meet the broadest range of data capture applications.


These retail imagers feature reading performance, connectivity and accessories specifically optimised for today's demanding retail environments, and they have class-leading durability, sealing and harsh-condition temperature ratings.


We can also supply the 1900g scanner which incorporates a decoding architecture and custom sensor to extend depth-of-field and give faster reads and better scanning performance on poor quality bar codes.



Product overview


1900g1900g General Purpose Linear Imager

General purpose corded reader that combines the versatility of area imaging with the speed and cost of linear scanning.

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