Integrated keyboards

AKB500 integrated keyboard

Access' integrated keyboards are famous throughout the airport and airline industry for their robust build and quick passport and card reading capabilities – ideal for frontline use at busy passenger check-in and boarding gates.


As a result these solid, multi-function keyboards are also becoming popular within retail / POS and security environments for quickly establishing customer identity.


The keyboard footprint is 20% smaller than the majority of competing products and these devices can read a wide variety of personal and travel documents, including: passports, visas, ID cards, Green cards, credit cards and non-standard cards such as loyalty cards and special dedicated formats.


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AKB500 Keyboard

Our latest device is 50% faster with bi-directional inbound reading

The AKB500 with integrated MSR and OCR functionality (pictured above) is our latest keyboard and replaces the ATB42x. The AKB500 incorporates the world's smallest OCR reading engine and is more than 50% faster than its predecessors, and its central position in the read slot allows for bi-directional reading within the footprint of the device, saving valuable counter and desk space.  Read more about the AKB500