Standard keyboard key colours

Custom keyboards

The use of coloured keycaps has been used effectively with simple word or graphical legends to help identify key functions and to improve the use and efficiency of Access' keyboards and cut down on operator error. In addition, careful selection of key colours can significantly assist users with a visual disorder or those visually impaired (for more information click here).


Access has a standard range of 21 keycap colours that are shown below: the majority of all keyboard designs incorporate these colours alone.


Customer specified colours are also available, typically to match the keyboard design to a corporate image or brand. If you would like to discuss the options available, please contact a member of our sales team.



Standard key colour range

Keycap colour range



Key colours, colour contracts and implications for the visually impaired


Many keyboard specifiers are becoming sensitive to the effect of good design on those using peripherals who suffer from visual impairment or partial loss of sight.


Customers commonly specify colour contrast ratios of anywhere between 4.5:1 to 6:1. We are able to determine the colour contrast for any combination of colours used on keys and can meet any threshold set by the customer.


Keys with a combination of blue and white lettering on a black background have proved to be very useful. The colour contrast ratio of white to black is measured at 11:1, while the blue to white is 6.7:1, significantly above common minimum thresholds.


For further information, or for the colour contrast for a particular key and legend colour combination, please contact your nearest sales office. In addition, a useful overview colour contrast guidelines can be found at the Lighthouse website.


Lighthouse International: Effective Colour Contrast