Know your customer (KYC) ID document readers

Know your customer identity document verifiersWith an increasing burden of legislation and penalty for wrongdoing or oversight, 'knowing your customer' has become a critical issue in a number of industries.


Increasing sophistication of those wishing to pass themselves off with someone else's identity means that readers with the ability to process the advanced features of the latest identity documents helps to prevent identity fraud efficiently and with a minimal disruption to the normal operation of the business.


Our devices read the full range of identity documents, including Passports, ID cards, driver's licenses, medical insurance cards, national identity cards and visas. They are also fully capable of RFID reading security and biometric data stored on chipped documents such as ePassports, eID cards and eMRTDs (Machine Readable Travel Documents).



Know your customer ID document readers


ATOM Document Reader

ATOM® Document Reader

Multi-illumination eMRTD reading device, with dramatically improved performance and a major leap forward in aesthetic design.

  OCR640 full-page passport reader

OCR640e full-page flatbed passport & ID document scanner with IR & UV check

Simultaneously decodes a document's MRZ and ePassport or contactless smart card chip.

ADR100 Photo ID Image and Data Reader

ADR100 Photo ID Reader

A quick, accurate and reliable ID-1 (credit card) sized document image and data reader that scans photo ID cards, driving licenses, health cards, transport tickets, etc.

  OCR315 and OCR316 portable document readers

OCR315e/316e compact passport and ID card reader

Very compact and robust OCR Passport & ID card readers with optional MSR.

AKB500 OCR & MSR Reading
 Integrated Keyboard

AKB500 Integrated Keyboard

Rugged and compact keyboard with integrated MSR and OCR functionality for reading passports, ID cards, Green cards, credit cards and non-standard cards.






Retailers have a legal obligation for age verification before they sell alcohol, tobacco or any age-restricted products to minors. Increasingly, retailers who sell higher value items such as mobile phones and jewellery have an interest in establishing identity to prevent retail fraud.


Banks, solicitors and attorneys require customers to provide their identification to prove who they are before financial transactions are made. This is fundamental to the way in which regulated firms manage their fraud risks and comply with their money laundering obligations, such as the Proceeds of Crime Act, PATRIOT Act, and FATF initiatives.


Hotels require identity verification for two main reasons. Firstly, they want to protect against fraudulent credit card use – requiring valid ID at check-in ensures that a room was not booked with a stolen credit card. Secondly, hotels want to protect the the safety of other guests – ensuring that only known guests are admitted to rooms.


Casinos and private clubs increasingly need to verify the identities of their clients during enrolment and entry, to verify an individual's age as a protection against illegal, underage activity, and ensure a bona fide clientele.