Know your employee (KYE) ID document readers

Know your employee identity verification


In many countries employers must ensure employees have a legal right to work for them, or they will be committing a criminal offence. They have an obligation to verify an individual's identity.


We manufacture cost-effective ID verification solutions for use by HR departments, smaller businesses and recruitment agencies.


Our devices read identity documents such as passports, ID cards, driving licences, medical insurance cards and visas, as well chipped devices such as ePassports and eID cards.



Know your employee ID document readers


ATOM Document Reader

ATOM® Document Reader

Multi-illumination eMRTD reading device, with dramatically improved performance and a major leap forward in aesthetic design.

  OCR640e Desktop Passport Reader

OCR640e desktop passport and ID card reader

Full-page multi-illumination ePassport and eID card reader

lsr110 2d barcode scanner

OCR601-Mk2 Half-page ePassport & eID Reader

Half page MRZ reader for passports, ID cards, contactless and contact smart cards.


  LSR120 2D barcode scanner

LSR120 desktop barcode reader

LSR120 reads address barcodes to verify proof of address documents .

AKB500 OCR & MSR Reading
 Integrated Keyboard

AKB500 Integrated Keyboard

Rugged and compact keyboard with integrated MSR and OCR functionality for reading passports, ID cards, Green cards and credit cards.






HI PAA Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance


Pre-employment identity screening, driver's licence checks and visa validation


Validation of right to work


CRB (UK Criminal Records Bureau) checks