LSR116 barcode reader
LSR118 barcode & contactless NFC/RFID reader

Scanning devices for easy OEM integration into kiosks, access gates, turnstiles and mobile ticketing readers


LSR116 2D barcode reader for smartphones, tablets and paper

The LSR116 reads 2D barcodes – including QR, AZTEC and Datamatrix – presented in any orientation from smartphones, tablets and paper in less than one second.


The LSR118 reads the above barcodes and decodes contactless NFC-enabled smartphones, tablets, smart cards and labels from the same point of presentation as barcodes in any orientation.


Both devices:


Are rugged, dust-proof and water-resistant

Are built for indoor and outdoor front line public use

Have a compact design (67H x 106W x 110D mm)

Are simple to plug-in for easy OEM integration

Have optimised focal distance reading.

The LSR118 removes the high-investment risk for kiosk, gate, turnstile and mobile ticket reader manufacturers wanting to integrate barcode and contactless reading into their products. The simple plug-in design, using a single bracket, enables the device to be quickly and cost-effectively integrated into indoor and outdoor and on-board structures.



To really understand the benefits and flexibility of the LSR116 and LSR118 watch a short animated video:




LSR116 datasheet       LSR118 datasheet







LSR118 Barcode and Contactless NFC/RFID Reader: The only gate reader you'll ever need.





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This video demonstrates just how quickly these readers
can process mobile tickets, at Marylebone Station, London
(Courtesy Masabi Ltd.)