Access-IS delivers space saving keyboard solution

Reading, UK, April 2017


Access-IS, a leading manufacturer of custom and specialist keyboards has just delivered a space saving custom keyboard design to the Microbiology Laboratory at Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Access-IS delivers space saving keyboard solutionThe single keyboard solution with protected self-label keys replaces the laboratories current dual keyboard workstation arrangement. By doing so it not only saves precious desk space but also makes for a more intuitive workspace as the operator does not have to swap between keyboards.


Access-IS custom keyboards have been the de-facto standard in many industries for the past three decades. Their high quality design and manufacture means that they withstand years of non-stop front line use, in fact Sheffield Teaching Hospitals first bought Access-IS keyboards in 2003 so they know first-hand how reliable they are.


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the UK’s largest and busiest NHS foundation trusts providing a full range of hospital and community services for people in Sheffield, as well as specialist care for patients from further afield. The Trust manages five of Yorkshire’s best known teaching hospitals including: Northern General Hospital, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Weston Park Cancer Hospital and Jessop Wing Maternity Hospital.


Image shows existing bench environment with twin keyboards

Steve Davies, Laboratory Manager, Microbiology Laboratory, said: “Our work here is complex and anything that can reduce the workload and complexity is a valuable addition to the laboratory. The Access-IS keyboards have increased our results entry speed, reduced input errors and released valuable bench space, it’s a win for us on all counts”.


Ian Holmes, Business Development Manager, Access-IS, said: “We are very pleased to have our keyboards supporting the work that is being undertaken at the Microbiology Laboratory. Our keyboards are manufactured in the UK and are constructed of only the highest quality materials, including Cherry MX Switches and can be designed specifically to suit individual applications”.







About Access-IS

Access-IS is at the forefront of the development of innovative electronic systems specialising in image processing, RFID/NFC technology, barcode reading and specialist keyboards. Access-IS are dedicated to manufacturing products designed to accurately capture and transfer information into electronic systems.

Operating in over 72 countries around the globe in three highly specialised verticals; Airline/Airport, Identity & Security and Transport & Ticketing. In addition to our specialist custom keyboards, which are now the ‘de-facto’ standard for some of the largest banks, airlines and retailers in the world, the product range includes boarding gate readers, a wide range of document readers for ID document and age verification and paper and electronic ticket readers for ground transport and access control.

Transport & Ticketing - Supplying rugged, fast and reliable barcode and RFID/NFC readers for self-service data capture applications Access-IS products include; ticket readers and validators for public transport systems, events and stadia, car parking as well as a host of other applications.

Accredited to ISO9001:2008 and with a track record stretching back 30 years, Access-IS continues to guarantee the highest standards of design and quality with its dedicated Research and Development team based in the UK and the vast majority of its products manufactured in the UK with only the highest quality materials and techniques.


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