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Keyboard controls up to four trading and dealing systems

Dealing room keyboard controls four systems

Reading, UK, June 1, 2008 – Access IS, the data input technology company, has announced a keyboard for financial dealing and trading systems that has four-channel switching control and four separate programmed modes. When used with an Access KMS4 keyboard and mouse switch, the new keyboard, dubbed the AKC127-K4, can control up to four systems and eliminates the desk clutter of needing several keyboards. A bright green LED indicates the currently selected channel. Using a single keyboard cuts system costs and improves both the accuracy and speed of transactions in equities, fixed-income, FX and SPOT trading.


The AKC127-K4 is available with emulation keysets. It is a full-sized keyboard with 127 programmable keys. When used as a QWERTY keyboard, at least 20 keys are still available for custom functions.


Special keytop legends, layouts and colours are offered, together with single, dual or quad blanking keys.


The AKC127-K4 comes with a PS/2 or USB interface. USB versions have two powered hubs and PS/2 models have a wedge facility that allows for connection of additional keypads or keyboards.




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