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Access at World Cup Brasil

Access' products will be represented at the Great Britain House Exhibition in São Paulo during the 2014 World Cup festivities

The British Government is working with Access IS to showcase the best of Great Britain to Brazil and the rest of the world during the World Cup. The exhibition will be ongoing at the British Consulate in São Paulo during tournament time. (June 2014)

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OCR310e Reading Engine Released

World's smallest low-power OEM OCR reader is now even faster

The next generation of the miniaturized OCR310e Reading Engine from Access IS weighs 16g (0.6oz) and captures and processes code lines from machine-readable documents, such as passports, visas and ID cards, in less than half a second. (May 2014)

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POS keyboard with integrated passport reader

TTT Moneycorp selects Access keyboards with integral passport readers to speed financial transaction processing

Access IS has installed customised keyboards with integral passport readers at TTT Moneycorp outlets across the UK. The compact programmable AKC110 keyboards include a card reader and passport reader, saving desk space and simplifies transaction processing. (February 2012)

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CBC reader to catch fraudulent proof of address

Specialist CBC reader helps to catch fraudulent utility bills for CDD

The new LSR120 helps to catch fraudulent documents presented as proof of address at banks and financial institutions. It reads CBC barcodes to verify against the printed address for customer due diligence (CDD).   (March 2011)

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Keyboard with passport reader for car rental, hotel, bureau de change

Keyboard with passport reader for car rental, hotel and bureau de change

A rugged programmable keyboard with built in optical character reader for reading passports, visas and ID cards for identity verification. An optional magnetic stripe reader (MSR) adds the ability to read credit cards and loyalty cards. (April 2010)

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Mobile ticketing for trains and mass transport

Access IS collaborates with Masabi for mass-transit mobile e-tickets

Masabi, the developer of mobile ticket purchase software for mass-market phones, has successfully collaborated with Access IS to produce optimised mobile barcode scanners for use in high volume, mass-transit situations. (January 2010)

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Clarks order for Access

Enhanced PCI Security lands Access a third keyboard roll-out from Clarks

Access IS has won an order for 1250 custom point-of-sale keyboards from Clarks, the UK's most iconic footwear company, continuing it's use of Access products since 1998. (July 2009)

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Nike America retail keyboard

Access keyboard for Nike America

Access has secured a contract to supply over 1,000 keyboards to Nike America for use on their point-of-sale (POS) checkout tills across all their USA stores. (January 2009)

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Integrated check reader keyboard

Bank keyboard with integrated cheque (check) reader

A dedicated bank teller keyboard incorporating a high-reliability, motorised cheque reader capturing data with over 99% first pass success, optimising operator efficiency and reducing counter-top clutter. (January 2009)

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TraderTools choose Access IS

TraderTools use Access IS keyboard

TraderTools Inc. launch their AI-1, an 'all-in-one', compact keyboard, the only tool needed to trade FX using the TraderTools' Liquidity Management Platform™. (December 2008)

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Keyboard range with fingerprint reading

Programmable keyboards with integrated fingerprint readers

A family of programmable keyboards with integral DigitalPersona 'U.are.U' fingerprint readers has been released that recognise even the most difficult fingerprints accurately and rapidly. (July 2008)

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Compact programmable POS keyboard

New compact retail POS keyboard

Access IS has introduced a rugged, 48-key programmable keyboard for retail applications. At 159mm x 144mm , it is the smallest keyboard of its type, saving valuable desk space. (March 2008)

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