OCR310e OCR & MRZ Reading Module for Integration to OEM Manufacturer's Mobile Devices

Mobile MRZ passport and ID card readerThe OCR310e is the world's smallest OCR/MRZ reading engine, designed for OEM manufacturers to integrate into their mobile and portable devices.


Used in many of our standard devices, including snap-on accessories for mobile computers, the OCR310e technology is well proven and reads data from the machine readable zone (MRZ) of identity documents, including passports, driver's licences and ID cards.


Applications for these devices include mobile identity and travel document verification, queue-busting and roaming passenger services at airports, and mobile checking of identity by police forces. The OCR310e has a very low power consumption, helping manufacturers of battery operated devices to maximise the time between charging.



Examples of OEM Applications

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OCR310 in queue busting


Access snap-on passport &
ID card reader for Motorola
(Symbol) MC70, MC75 and
MC75A devices

Snap on accessory


Snap-on accessory designed
for Ugandan police – for ID card and passport reader ID verification

Passport reading add-on for Blackberry PDA


Passport and ID card reading
add-on for Blackberry and
other PDAs

Hand-held with integrated biometric and MRZ passport reader


Integrated reader for ID verification with fingerprint reader

ID card reader with finger print reader


Integrated ID card/passport
reader with fingerprint reader,
for law enforcement ID checking

Passport reading accessory for UMPC


Add-on device for ultra-mobile PC designed or French police for ID verification



OCR reading  module for OEM manufacturesDevelopers' Kit

A developer's kit is available to assist in
the integration of the OCR310e into OEM


The kit comprises one OCR310e device,
two development boards (one USB and
one RS-232), all cables, utilities
and documentation.


Please contact sales for more information.



Outline OCR310e Module Specification

Read capabilities

Standard OCR fonts: OCR-B and E13B

Machine readable passports (MRP) : 2 lines of 44 characters

Machine readable visas (MRV) : 2 lines of 44 characters, 2 lines of 36 characters

Travel documents: 2 lines of 36 characters, 3 lines of 30 characters

Field of view object height: 19.6mm nominal

Depth of field: 1.5mm maximum from imager window



Overall dimensions (excluding flanges): 36.3L x 22.7W x 18.5H mm

Weight: 16g

Host interface: Bidirectional, serial, USB HID or USB keyboard output

Connector: 12 way, 0.5mm pitch flat flexible ribbon (FFC): mating connector and cable available on request


OCR310e module datasheet


MRZ OCR & MSR Reading Snap-on Accessories for Hand-held Computers

MRZ / MSR snap on readers for hand-held computersIn addition to being integrated into the many OCR310e module applications featured above, we have produced snap-on accessories targeted at some of the world's leading mobile computers, including the Motorola MC70/MC75 and MC75A devices.


More on mobile computer snap-on readers using the OCR310e