Retail EPOS 1D/2D barcode readers and keyboards

EPOS keyboards and products


2D barcode readers and scanners


Access 2D barcode readers and scanners are at the forefront of consumer experience, uniquely designed to reliably read smartphones, tablets, mini tablets as well as paper.


Our 1D and 2D readers are ultra-fast, accurate, highly reliable and designed for robust, front-line public use. Contactless NFC/RFID functionality is also available.

Retail EPOS keyboards

We are market leader in Europe for the design and manufacture of custom keyboards – popular because of their compact, highly robust and ergonomic design. These are some of the smallest keyboards available to retail customers!


Integration of other data capture devices into these keyboards – such as integrated credit and loyalty card functionality – also means less clutter and cabling on the retail countertop!


Access keyboards are flexible and fully-configurable, to satisfy each retailer's needs, including matching corporate colours to reinforce brand presence. View some of our EPOS customers.



Retail EPOS product range


Desktop ticket, barcode and voucher reader

Desktop ticket and voucher barcode readers

Barcode readers for smart phones, PDA's and paper.

  bureau de change keyboard

Custom programmable POS keyboards

Flexible designs and options, including MSR, touch pads and finger print recognition.

Mobile voucher, ticket and barcode readerBarcode readers for Integration into retail desks

Barcode readers for integration into EPOS desks.



  Retail mag stripe reader

Custom keyboard with MSR & passport reader

For bureaus de change, hotels; anywhere identities need to be checked.


Face-up QR and 2D barcode readerDesktop face-up barcode reader

Barcode readers for smart phones, PDA's and paper.


  Integrated AKB keyboard

Integrated keyboards

Magnetic swipe readersMagnetic Swipe Readers (MSR)

Easy to configure, reliable MSRs for payment, loyalty, gift card and user log-on.



OLE POS driver softwareOLE POS drivers

OLE POS drivers for EPOS keyboards.