Product categories


LSR110 reading an iPhone

2D barcode and NFC readers

Readers for barcoded tickets, coupons and vouchers designed to read smartphones, tablets and paper.

  Custom and specialist keyboards

Custom and specialist keyboards

Custom keyboards with integrated functionality


Check-in and boarding gate readers

Check in and boarding gate readers for 2D barcodes, 2D BCBP and ATB2 documents.

  Hand held scanning wand

Handheld barcode readers

Multi-purpose barcode scanning wands for reading linear and 2D barcodes with wireless solution options.

ATOM Document Reader

ePassport and eID readers

Readers for desktops and integration into kiosks.

  OCR swipe readers

OCR readers

OCR Readers, including combined OCR and magnetic swipe readers.

Kiosk and OEM readers

Kiosk OEM readers

2D barcode readers for integration into kiosks, podiums and autogates.

  Magnetic swipe reader / MSR

Mag swipe readers (MSRs) & writers

Magnetic card readers with keyboard wedge, USB and serial variants. Available with colour variants.