Bank teller custom keyboards and keypads

Banking custom keyboardWe have established ourselves as a market leader in Europe for the design and manufacture of custom keyboards in the retail banking sector with our emphasis on compact, robust and ergonomic design.


The integration of other data capture devices in these keyboards reduces counter top clutter and cabling. As a result they have also become popular in other sectors with similarly limited desk space, such as airports and airlines. Standard options include MSRs, cheque and smart card readers, pointing devices and biometric log-on functionality.


Keyboard considerations


Counter Space

The majority of the applications we satisfy have a pressure on the amount of space available to the keyboard. As a result we have become expert at providing compact designs, with full function keyboards as small as 27cm by 14cm.


Integrated Functionality

The integration of various data capture devices into the keyboard provides reduced cabling, less counter-top clutter and simpler installation and maintenance overhead.

A number of devices can be integrated in the the keyboard including: magnetic swipe readers (MSR), pointing devices, such as touchpads and smart card and biometric log-on capability. OCR (optical character recognition) and MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) options are available to read E-13B compatible documents.


Ergonomics and Operator Efficiency

The increase in legislation and sensitivity to operator health and safety has raised the priority of good keyboard design. By working alongside many blue-chip multi-national banks, we are familiar with the latest international requirements for health and safety. Care in selecting key and legend colour combinations can significantly assist users with a visual disorder or those visually impaired. In addition, the use of coloured keys improves accuracy and the speed of data entry.


More on key colours and implications for the visual disorder



Significant investments are made by our customers in their brand, and their brand image can be carried through to the keyboard as simply as adding the corporate logo or as far as matching the keyboard housing and keytops to the corporate colours.



Reliability is built in to all products as standard. This begins with the use of high quality key switches that are designed to withstand 50 million operations. Contact is made half way along the key switch's 4mm travel, providing a high quality and responsive feel to the operator. All keyboards are built around a robust steel frame providing a strong back-bone to every design.


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Custom Bank Teller and Finance Keyboard Examples

Custom banking keyboard Lloyds TSB

Lloyds TSB - Bank Teller Keyboard


Compact, ergonomically designed to specific health and safety requirements. The keyboard has an integrated GlidePoint® touchpad and keyboard layout designed carefully to suit the customer's keyboard usage.

New York Stock Exchange dealer room keypad

New York Stock Exchange - Full Custom Dealer Keypad


Ultra-high reliability, custom keypad for dealer rooms designed for zero-downtime through ultra-heavy use. Specified to operate over a 16 metres cable.

Retail banking custom keyboard Nationwide

Nationwide Building Society - Bank Teller Keyboard


Conventional layout keyboard with 127 key layout and mag stripe reader (MSR) designed ergonomically for minimum operator reach. A very robust design with all 127 keys fully programmable.

Retail banking custom keyboard Barclays

Barclays Bank - Bank Teller Keyboard


A highly customised keyboard layout with hybrid EMV chip card and swipe and park MSR. Twin Gemplus Smart Card readers allow user log-on and card authorisation. The keyboard has a powered USB hub. The keyboard replaced a previous Access design which was in service for twelve years.

Retail banking custom keyboard HBOS

HBOS - Teller Keyboard


In use since 1996, this keyboard has proved its in-service reliability. The simple design offers a cost-effective solution using a standard PC-style keyboard with integrated card swipe reading.

Retail banking custom keyboard Glitnir Bank

Glitnir Bank - Bank Teller Keyboard


With an Icelandic keyboard keyset, the keyboard has a PC-style standard layout. The keyboard has an integrated cheque reader for OCR-B documents and uses standard keyboard drivers.


Retail banking custom keyboard RBS

Royal Bank of Scotland - Cash Processing Keyboard


A keyboard designed to minimise desk space with bespoke, matrix-style keyboard layout. This keyboard works alongside an Access OCR to read OCR-B and E-13b documents. No specific drivers are required.


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