Transportation ticketing:
Readers for automatic gates, turnstiles, platforms, validators, kiosks
and self-service vending machines

Kiosk and autogate id document reader


Our readers are designed for simple and fast integration into access gates, turnstiles and ticket kiosks. They deliver excellent barcode and NFC reading performance for a mix of technologies including smartphones, tablets, tags, smart watches, paper and transit smartcards.

Low maintenance and hardwearing durability ensures that they will withstand years of frontline public use.


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Readers for access gate, turnstile, barrier and ticketing systems


LSR118 OEM barcode and NFC reader

LSR116 & LSR118 2D barcode & NFC/RFID reader and writer

IP67 sealed, rugged, reader for gates, kiosks and ticket vending machines. Simple to integrate and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  ATR110 2D barcode scanner

ATR110 2D barcode & NFC/RFID reader and writer

IP54 sealed reader with four indicator LEDs and buzzer for scanning smartphone, tablet and paper tickets and contactless NFC devices and smart cards.



OEM applications

Simple, very compact plug-in integration with indoor, outdoor and on-board structures for:


  • Rail
  • Underground / subway / metro systems
  • Bus / coach stations and vehicles
  • Ferry terminals
  • Ticket offices.