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Age Verification

With the increasing burden of legislation and penalties for wrongdoing or oversight, age verification has become a critical issue for businesses across a wide range of industries. These include alcohol sales, mobile /cell phone on-boarding and finance or lease agreements, to name but a few.


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Protection against fines for under age access!

Increasing sophistication of those wishing to pass themselves off with someone else's identity, or merely supply a false age, means that there is more demand for state-of-the-art ID readers. Our latest devices have the ability to process the advanced features of the latest identity documents, to help establish identity quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to the normal operation of a business.

Our devices read the full range of identity documents, including passports, ID cards, driving licences, medical insurance cards, national identity cards and visas. They are also fully capable of RFID-reading security and biometric data stored on chipped documents such as ePassports, eID cards and eMRTDs.


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