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Border Control & Immigration

The need of border control and immigration services to identify the person in front of them quickly, accurately and reliably has never been more crucial. Increasing population mobility has led to greater demands to read identity documents through fixed installations, as found in airports and border crossings, but also in repurposed and new environments that demand mobile applications using handheld devices or portable kiosks.


Border control: Stamping a passport


Making ID checking more effective

Access-IS designs and manufactures a range of products for almost any application. From simple MRZ readers for desktop use, or OEM integration by manufacturers of mobile and portable devices, to sophisticated full-page passport/ID readers.

Our latest devices are designed to allow operators at airports, train stations, ferry terminals and border crossings to process large volumes of people quickly and efficiently, and play a critical role in keeping queues to a minimum.

Products like our innovative ATOM Document Reader can operate without the need for a separate PSU by running on power supplied by a USB 3 port, so can be easily integrated into a portable ‘case’ or kiosk. The ATOM delivers the ability to inspect documents like passports for authenticity using visible, UV and IR imaging, as well as comparing printed data to that held on the document's chip.


Identity & Security Showcase

A selection of some of the key Access-IS Identity & Security products

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