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Car Rental

Knowing that the person stood at a rental car desk is who they say they are, and that their documents are legitimate, protects your business by preventing loss of property and safeguarding profit.

Car rental service desk


Prevention is always better than cure!

Sophisticated criminality has led to changes in government legislation and business practices that have expanded Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. These additional steps add strain to the enrolment process and affect both your customers' and work colleagues' experiences.

The use of travel & ID documents to register customers for car/auto rental is a long-established practice, with automation becoming increasingly common. Automation of the process using ID document readers and validation technologies enable individuals, companies and organisations to quickly and more easily follow the highest level of assurance standards – in accordance with ICAO, NIST and other governmental bodies.

Access-IS designs and manufactures innovative solutions to these challenges that enable fast and accurate capture and transfer of information into electronic systems.

By combining our specialist passport and ID card readers with proprietary and partner software, Access-IS has helped to automate and quicken the process of capturing and authenticating all major types of identity documents, including:

  • Passports
  • ID Cards
  • Driving licences
  • Biometric residence permits
  • Machine-readable visas

The advantages of using an ID reader include:

  • Automated, instant authentication of customer travel and ID documents
  • Provides a Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering compliant electronic record
  • Speeds up and enhances customer buy-in and the enrolment process
  • Eliminates errors from manual data entry
  • Reduces the need for trained border security and ID document specialists, saving time and operating costs.


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A selection of some of the key Access-IS Identity & Security products

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