Access-IS barcode readers allow Cammax kiosks

to deliver maximum flexibility

The Challenge

Cammax Limited manufacture a range of indoor, outdoor and desktop kiosks for applications including bill payment, cash loaders, parcel collection, excursion booking, self check-in and ticketing. These kiosks are used by the general public so ease of use and simple, intuitive operation are essential features.

Customers present barcodes and QR codes on paper, mobile phones, tablets and even smart watches and often do so without checking how the barcode is aligned. Therefore, any reader must be able to read regardless of the media or orientation in which the barcode is presented.

Two key applications include:-

Patient self check-in: Patients scan appointment letters at custom kiosks, which allow them to automatically check-in to pre-booked outpatient appointments reducing the cost overhead of having a member of staff to book patients in.

Council payment kiosks: Customers are able to scan barcoded letters, automatically filling in their account details reducing time taken and errors. The customer can then access a wide range of services such as Council Tax, Fines, Licenses and School meals without having to queue to speak to a member of staff.


LSR118 Reader and Self-Service Kiosk

The Solution

The Access-IS LSR116 OEM 1D/2D barcode reader is ideally suited to meet the requirements of the diverse range of applications that Cammax kiosks have been designed for.

Reading from any media its class-leading performance allows it to read at the same near instantaneous speed, regardless of the orientation in which the barcode or QR code is presented to the units’ reading window. In fact, barcodes are read before they actually make contact with the reading window, with successful reads prompting a green light response, making for a truly intuitive user experience.

The LSR116 removes the high investment risk for kiosk manufacturers such as Cammax wanting to integrate barcode reading into their products. The simple plug-in design, using a single mounting bracket, enables the device to be quickly and cost-effectively integrated into indoor and outdoor kiosks. Its small footprint and robust design make it a perfect choice for years of frontline public use.

Benefits of the LSR116

Increased Speed... no longer having to type in long reference numbers, the users account details can be entered automatically in a fraction of the time.

Greater Accuracy... the automatic completion of account details eliminates errors and subsequent costs involved in the incorrect entry of details that is often found with manual entry.

Greater Efficiency... the use of automated kiosks with barcode reading capability allows users to gain greater access to services whilst also allowing the operating company / body to minimise staffing levels and therefore costs.

Reallocation Of Resources... by allowing customers to complete more and more tasks autonomously, resources can be reallocated. As an example, the council kiosk allows council staff to offer a much better level of service to users with more complicated requirements as the demands on their time have been reduced.

Proven Technology... the LSR116 can be found in thousands of installations around the world where it has given years of use in applications, ranging from theme parks to major rail stations.

Fit For Purpose... the LSR116 is a fully sealed, robust, water-resistant unit specifically designed for use as an OEM device capable in all environmental conditions from heat and humidity to the cold.

Applications for The LSR116

  • Self-service kiosks
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Pre-ordered / repeat orders at quick-service restaurants
  • Payment via virtual storecard and storage of eReceipts
  • Public Transport
  • Ticketing and retail vouchers
  • Automatic gate and turnstile entry
  • Boarding passes for airport bag drops

LSR116 OEM Reader

LSR116 & LSR118 Readers

These are compact, sealed, water and dust resistant OEM modules that remove the high-investment risk for kiosk, podium, gate and turnstile manufacturers wanting to integrate barcode and contactless reading into their products.

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