Access-IS barcode readers make mobile ticketing a reality for visitors and residents of the Norwegian capital, Oslo

The Challenge

In a modern city visitors and residents share a common need for smooth, efficient transport in/out and around the city. They expect to arrive at an airport, travel to the city centre without delays and in comfort before moving around the city quickly and efficiently. Oslo had these very concerns although its rail and transport infrastructure was already in place and up to the job…it merely needed to embrace modern ticketing technology and trends to give passengers the freedom of the city.


The Solution

Mobile ticketing delivers real benefits to passengers on many levels. From the Flytoget app passengers are able to see all departures in real time, allowing them to see when the next train is due and to plan their journey. Tickets can be purchased from the app and received directly to the passenger’s phone, avoiding the need to spend unnecessary time buying them on the platform. Not only does this deliver a seamless passenger experience, it also removes the need to print paper tickets allowing for significant environmental and cost savings.

The Access-IS LSR116 OEM 2D barcode reader has been integrated into fare gates at stations along the airport express route. This line moves passengers from Oslo Airport to the centre of Oslo in 19 minutes and then on a further 50 kilometres to Drammen.

Designed for easy OEM installation; the compact, sealed and water resistant LSR116 has a simple plug-in design, using just a single bracket, enabling it to be quickly and cost-effectively integrated into the fare gates.

The LSR116 is able to read tickets, presented in any orientation with almost zero latency, from smartphones, watches, tablets and paper.

Benefits of the LSR116

Increased Speed... passengers

Greater Accuracy... the

Greater Efficiency... the

Reallocation Of Resources... by

Proven Technology... the LSR116 can be found in thousands of installations around the world where it has given years of use in applications, ranging from theme parks to major rail stations.

Fit For Purpose... the LSR116 is a fully sealed, robust, water-resistant unit specifically designed for use as an OEM device capable in all environmental conditions from heat and humidity to the cold.

Applications for The LSR116

  • Self-service kiosks
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Pre-ordered / repeat orders at quick-service restaurants
  • Payment via virtual storecard and storage of eReceipts
  • Public Transport
  • Ticketing and retail vouchers
  • Automatic gate and turnstile entry

NFC option - the LSR118

With all of the same functionality as the LSR116, the LSR118 is a compact and fast OEM barcode reader with NFC contactless capabilities. This ‘one-box’ solution helps process a wide range of electronic ticketing across a variety of media.

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