The Challenge

Allowing a front-desk, reception or building manager to monitor visitors, employees or contractors entry/exit by collecting and recalling accurate, real-time information about who is authorised, who is pending authorisation and who is prohibited. This capability is necessary to ensure the safety and security of offices, building or facilities but must be implemented in a way that does not make the customer, visitor or employee journey more complicated, onerous or time-consuming.


The Solution

Delivering a solution that meets all of the challenges, required many new technologies to be integrated into the micity concierge. One important requirement was for a compact but powerful full-page passport reader, which would have the highest level of security and accuracy.

Despite the demanding features required, the reader needed to be able to fit into the very tight confines of the micity kiosk. ATOMs footprint is barely larger than the passports it is designed to read and has a class beating height of only 65mm, making it perfect for OEM integration.

The miCity concierge, now installed in a number of locations in Dubai with planned deployments in a number of international locations, uses ATOM to capture the passport data, colour images whilst also reading the owners image from the RFID chip. micity uses the MRZ data captured by ATOM to enter visitor details into the system and then the passports chip image to verify the identity of the passport holder, using their own facial recognition algorithms.

Simultaneously, the micity kiosk uses the visitor details to see if the visitor or group of visitors is expected on the watch list or has been in the facility before.

By automating data entry into the micity conciege system, visitor enrollment is both extremely fast and very secure. The system is also very configurable, allowing for operators to have a system tailored to their exact needs.

ATOM delivers powerful performance in an ultra compact package making it perfect for OEM integration


Access-IS ATOM

Increased Speed – no longer having to manually type in visitor details, they can be automatically brought into the software in a fraction of the time.

Greater Accuracy – the automatic completion of account details eliminates errors and subsequent costs involved in the incorrect entry of details that are often found with manual entry.

Improved Efficiency – by allowing visitors to complete more and more tasks autonomously, much greater capacity can be created at reception and security counters without a correlating increase in staff numbers.

Proven Technology – the ATOM reader can be found in installations from airports to embassies in countries around the world as desktop units of fully integrated OEM devices for kiosks.

Other Applications for ATOM®

  • Banking & Insurance
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Hotels, Airports, & Car Rental
  • Gaming & Casinos
  • Alcohol & Tobacco Sales
  • Tax Refunds & Money Exchange
  • Border Control & Law Enforcement
  • Document & Visa Issuance
  • Self-service applications & Kiosks

Features of ATOM®

  • Ultra-fast operation delivers time and cost savings
  • Captures high-resolution images in multiple wavelengths – visible, IR and UV
  • Reads MRZ from ICAO 9303 compliant documents, including Passports, e-Passports, ID cards and visas as well as ISO 18013 compliant driving licences
  • ISO 14443 contactless RFID reader/writer supports ICAO LDS standards, including BAC, PA, AA, EAC and SAC
  • Reads 1D/2D barcodes from smartphones, tablets and paper
  • Operates without external power supply using USB 3.0
  • Optional Expansion Dock provides contact smart card & MSR reading, two additional USB ports and two SAM modules.

About miCity

miCity builds smart city solutions which organisations and governments use to make existing front-desk operations more reliable and cost-effective by eliminating paperwork, inaccurate data logging and inefficiencies. micity’s primary solution is the innovative micity concierge kiosk designed for hotels, government agencies, and other organizations to streamline their visitors’ check-in process.

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