The Challenge

Guest check-in at hotels and campsites is often the guest’s first interaction and is therefore a crucial time in defining the customers experience. If it’s slow or difficult, the hotel or campsite will have to work extra hard to overcome this and deliver an experience the guest is truly happy with. Amongst the many challenges are partial arrivals and departures, multiple means of stay in the camping pitches and complicated pricing policies. Catering for these challenges whilst entering customer information quickly, easily and accurately are essential.

Manual data collection inevitably impacts on time taken during check-in

As guests arrive, a member of staff is required to input their registration data, which may be in a different language – indeed a single group of guests may have multiple languages. When data collection is manual this inevitably impacts on time taken during the check-in/arrival process.

The Solution

Integration of Access-IS OCR315e and OCR316e swipe readers with the ADASoft’s eXelsio and eCamping PMS systems has enhanced guest experiences at locations across Greece. By seamlessly reading, capturing and transferring the OCR data from passports and international ID cards (as well as credit cards) registration time and data errors have been greatly reduced.

Their user-friendly design allows users with limited computer experience to be easily trained in a very short space of time, as 95% of the major functions are accessible from just 3 screens. The application operates in a networked Windows® environment supporting concurrent use, even by users interfacing in multiple languages. The software facilitates the export of a wide range of electronic data and reports, which can be easily parametrized to comply with any local tax regulations.

The OCR315e and OCR316e (with MSR reading) are both powered and interfaced by a single USB cable, making for very simple integration. Designed to be flexible enough to be used in any installation, these devices feature bi-directional OCR reading, audible & visible read signals and options for freestanding, desk or monitor mounting.

Speeds up registration and reduces errors by seamlessly reading, capturing and transferring data from ID documents


Increased Speed – no longer having to manually type in guest details they can be automatically brought into the software in a fraction of the time.

Greater Accuracy – the automatic completion of account details eliminates errors and subsequent costs involved in the incorrect entry of details that is often found with manual entry.

Proven Technology – the OCR315e and OCR316e swipe readers can be found in thousands of installations around the world where it has given years of use in applications, ranging from airport check-in to mobile phone stores.

Intuitive to Use – the reader’s track length is optimised to ensure that passports and ID cards are correctly aligned for consistent and accurate reading.

Simple to Install – no seperate power supply required and single USB cable connection.

Features of the OCR315e/316e

  • Reads machine-readable passports, visas and travel cards conforming to ICAO Document 9303
  • Rapid and accurate decoding using Access’ established OCR decoding technology
  • Bi-colour LED and audible alarm providing good/bad read indication
  • Bi-directional, 3-track MSR conforming to ISO tracks 1, 2 and 3 (OCR316e Only)
  • Compact design and small footprint
  • Can be used as free standing, desk mounted or attached to a range of monitors and devices
  • Cable length options & multiple cable exit positions
  • Firmware download / upgrade capability
  • Bidirectional OCR read
  • USB 2.0 interface


  • Airport check-in applications and security checks
  • AQQ, eBorders and APIS generation
  • Duty free
  • Hotel and car hire registration
  • Portable border control applications
  • Banking ID checks
  • Police identification-checking

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