The Challenge

Over the past few years, we have seen steady acceleration in Digital Transformation within the banking environment. Despite revolutionising the traditional banking landscape by allowing for fewer and fewer staff members, smaller banking halls and less branches, many of the traditional requirements such as, ID verification for credit applications, certification of documents, proof of address and identity remain unchanged.

For banks it has been essential to explore new ways to deliver a physical service to customers where they are, sending documents in the mail is simply not acceptable or safe for either party.

The challenge is to create a solution that is powerful, fast and intuitive while being compact and robust enough for front line use, day in day out. In line with all banking applications the need to reduce infrastructure and operational costs is always a key priority.

The Solution

Rototype’s innovative SPS Calenzano, when fitted with an Access-IS ATOM® ID document reader becomes a sophisticated unmanned multi-function document processing cabin. It provides user-friendly document scanning and verification, reducing infrastructure costs and risks whilst increasing operational efficiency and improving customer experience.

Already installed in locations including Dubai and Saudi Arabia, the SPS Calenzano featuring the Access-IS ATOM is the primary customer touch point, automatically capturing images of the identity document in multiple light wavelengths and extracting personal data from the MRZ using OCR. The high-resolution colour, infra-red and ultraviolet images can be used by electronic identity document validation technology to instantly check the documents authenticity. NFC capability allows the devices API to access the RFID chips of e-passports & eID cards to provide digital personal data, biometric image and perform basic security checks on the document.

Maximising the infrastructure and operational cost savings, the SPS Calenzano can service multiple interactive banking kiosks through connection to a network. Each kiosk can therefore be smaller and less expensive with operators able to minimise their product inventory.

The ATOM’s design sets it apart from other readers and allows for both desktop use and simple, elegant into countertop and kiosk integration. Its innovative ‘shark fin’ document guides ensure that even the most widely travelled documents quickly slide onto the glass, easing down bent corners for a perfect read.


“We see a vast array of applications for SPS Calenzano including the HR industry, airports, hospitals and money transfer kiosks to name just a few!”

Alessandro Dini, Rototype S.p.A.



Access-IS ATOM

Increased Speed – no longer having to manually type in customer details, they can be automatically brought into the software in a fraction of the time.

Greater Accuracy – the automatic completion of account details eliminates errors and subsequent costs involved in the incorrect entry of details that are often found with manual entry.

Improved Efficiency – by allowing customers to complete more and more tasks autonomously, much greater capacity can be created without a correlating increase in staff numbers.

Proven Technology – the ATOM reader can be found in installations from airports to embassies in countries around the world as desktop units of fully integrated OEM devices for kiosks.

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