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In today’s world of identity theft and fraud, it’s critical for gaming, casinos and sport betting institutions to know that every gamer is who they say they are, and that their documents are legitimate.  This helps protect your business against regulatory, financial and reputational damage, as well as safeguarding your profits.


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Protect your business against regulatory, financial and reputational damage!

Access IS designs and manufactures innovative e-Passport, e-ID and e-DL readers that provide the assurance you need. From the world’s smallest OEM OCR reader to our advanced ATOM® full-page passport reader, our products deliver age verification, KYC, AML and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) compliance for every type of gaming application.

Our identity verification solutions capture customer data and authenticates ID documents (driving licences, passports, IDs) in seconds, helping to prevent fraud while simultaneously improving the efficiency of identity validation.

To authenticate documents we apply over 50 document-specific forensic tests, to eliminate manual screening errors and speed up inspection time, thereby reducing training and operating costs and improving customer experience!

Since many countries require sport betting shops and casinos to ensure all patrons have a valid, current photo ID, our solutions enable compliance without the lengthy, specialised and costly courses that would otherwise be necessary.

In addition to our class-leading ID readers, products such as the TripTick® – a unique, state-of-the-art, 3-in-1 device that reads barcodes, RFID and EMV contactless payments – have been designed for use in a variety of gaming applications, including SSBT (Self Service Betting Terminals), VGT (Video Gaming Terminals), VLT (Video Lottery Terminals), ATMs and other gaming or retail kiosks.


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