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Hotel Check-In

Hotels and guest houses are increasingly being required by law to record information about their guests. Even when this is not the case, the use of passport and ID readers offers time savings and increased accuracy during the check-in process, reducing queues to provide a quick and vastly improved customer experience.


Couple checking into a hotel at reception


Cutting queues to enhance the guest experience

Access-IS offers simple swipe readers that integrate into a hotel's PMS system to read MRZ information on documents such as a passport, and enter that data into the system in an instant. As a result, any chance of mistakes appearing in a guest’s account record is removed.

In addition, Access-IS can provide sophisticated document readers that not only capture the passport image, but also provide OCR text conversion and import a document's complete data into the hotel PMS. This improves the guest check-in process significantly and provides customer 'peace of mind' when compared to the traditional practice of photocopying the passport out of a guest's sight. 

Hotel operators not only benefit from happier customers, they are also able to make savings in shortening the time taken to process each guest at check-in, and reduce filing and storage costs by removing the need to keep a physical copy of the document, sometimes for several years.


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