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Self-Service Kiosk & Bag-Drop

Access-IS has been a leading supplier into the airport and airline industry for the past two decades. From simple MRZ swipe readers to the latest multi-function check in devices, Access-IS is a name trusted at thousands of check-in stations, where reliability and intuitive operation are a must. 


Self bag drop kiosk at an airport


Putting the passenger in charge of their own experience!

As passenger numbers increase the drive towards automation, especially for business travellers who often travel without hold luggage, has accelerated. The answer is self-service kiosks – that can be installed more densely, with sparse employee cover –  to allow airports to deliver more capacity from the same physical space, whilst providing a greatly enhanced passenger experience.

Access offers a range of self-service kiosk and bag drop devices, from simple barcode and NFC/RFID readers to our latest state-of-the-art OCR/MSR/BCR readers with RFID functionality and fast (non-swipe) MRZ decoding of passports and ID cards.

These latest devices deliver a feature-rich check-in platform that not only caters for all current requirements, but also future-proofs check-in and bag drop kiosk manufacturers for biometric registration – using document chip information and, where permissible, even capturing an image of the full passport page.

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