The installation sees 50 Access-IS ATR110 barcode readers mounted to the dashboards of The Kings Ferry fleet for intuitive use by passengers as they board. Drivers receive a slick user interface that is quick and simple to use, thanks to Mobile Onboard’s latest smart ETM. The low cost, yet powerful mTicketr has all the key features found in more expensive systems but in a compact package with a highly responsive touchscreen.

The ATR110 has a small footprint, robust design and great track record; all of which make it the perfect choice for installation onto dashboards of The Kings Ferry fleet, ensuring easy access for passengers without compromising the area around the driver’s seat or obscuring the view through the windscreen

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Digital validation of mobile tickets on buses, coaches, light and heavy rail, is becoming a more common requirement from transport operators. They recognise the value of the data collected on-board as well as the extra revenue protection it provides. The benefits of the on-board mTicketr solution for The Kings Ferry are clear, but to minimise passenger boarding times, it has to happen in an instant. The ATR110's accurate, sub-second scanning combined with mTicketr smart ETM makes that instant on-bus validation possible. This process is notably quicker and more accurate than visual confirmation by the driver; delivering a smoother and more efficient passenger boarding experience.

Speaking about the Access-IS products, Corbin Adler, Director at Mobile Onboard said, “Our familiarity with Access-IS readers, plus their consistent high-performance scanning during our product development, gave us confidence that the ATR110 was the perfect unit to partner with our new mTicketr smart ETMs. As we progress with our ongoing mTicketr ETM development, we are looking forward to exploiting the ATR110's capabilities even further”.

mTicketr: Mobile Onboard's ticketing solution for Kings Ferry - Kent's leading luxury commuter coach service

About Access-IS

Access-IS is at the forefront of the development of innovative electronic systems; specialising in image processing, RFID/NFC technology, barcode reading and specialist keyboards. Access-IS are dedicated to manufacturing innovative products designed to accurately capture and transfer information into electronic systems.

Access-IS is the market leader in the Airports & Airlines sector with rapid growth in the Identity & Security and Transportation & Ticketing sectors over the past few years. The Company now boasts a very large install which sees Access-IS products in daily use in over 72 countries. In addition to our specialist custom keyboards, which are now the ‘de-facto’ standard for some of the largest banks, airlines and retailers in the world, the product range includes boarding gate readers, a wide range of document readers for ID document capture & scanning and ticket readers for ground transport & access control.

Access-IS ID & Security products are designed to read e-Passport, e-ID and e-DL for governmental and commercial applications. From the world’s smallest OEM OCR reader to our advanced full-page passport reader, we have a product for every application; Border Control, Immigration, Document Issuance, Law Enforcement, Banking, Retail, Data Capture, KYC or Anti-Money Laundering and Age Verification.

Accredited to ISO9001:2008 and with a track record stretching back 30 years, Access-IS continues to guarantee the highest standards of design and quality with its dedicated Research and Development team based in the UK and the vast majority of its products manufactured in the UK with only the highest quality materials and techniques.

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Andrew Covey, Access-IS

Tel: +44 (0)118 966 3333

About Mobile Onboard

Innovators Mobile Onboard have a reputation for providing full-featured, cost-effective technology for the public transport industry. Their My Mobile Tickets platform provides expertise in delivering integrated mTicketing, cashless ETMs and self-service kiosk solutions. While their BEAM Wi-Fi is a modular and open system providing flexible on-bus Wi-Fi solutions, passenger infotainment and next stop announcement.

Mobile Onboard’s proven products and services are designed, manufactured and maintained by their in-house team from their UK facilities on the South Coast.

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Corbin Adler, Mobile Onboard

Tel: +44 (0)333 335 3345

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