Access-IS Open for Business

In these challenging times, Access-IS is doing our best to find innovative solutions to keep our business, especially manufacturing and production, running as efficiently and safely as possible.

Of course, like many other businesses, members of our workforce who can work remotely are doing so with virtual meetings with colleagues and customers alike. We’ve set up online resources and social chat groups to help all our colleagues to keep in touch with and support each other.

Thanks to the quality of our staff, strong organisation and relationships with our suppliers, our production and manufacturing has been uninterrupted and is operating at normal levels, with additional precautions in place to keep our employees safe.

What this all means for you, our customers, is that we continue to be open for business and your orders are still being manufactured and shipped.

Access-IS is doing our utmost to keep Covid-19 at bay, whilst helping to keep the economy ticking over.

We look forward to speaking with you now and then catching up in person at one of the many trade shows rescheduled to the end of 2020.

We hope you are all staying safe and wish you all the best.

The Access-IS Team