Reading, UK – August, 2020: Access-IS is excited to announce the inclusion of its OCR315e OCR swipe reader with the access solutions from LÖWEN ENTERTAINMENT, a member of the NOVOMATIC GROUP.

A simple ID-card swipe by the customer on the NOVO Release Terminal and NOVO Release GASTRO-Terminal helps to independently select a gaming machine and then allows the customer to start to play – quickly, easily and securely. By doing so the operator minimises staff overhead, allowing for lower costs, better staff utilisation; all while improving security for both players and operators. 

OCR315e integrated in the NOVO Release Terminal

The OCR315e delivers a huge track record of installations in applications ranging from airports to embassies, retail outlets to car rental. Its track length and single slot design are optimised to ensure that passports and ID cards are correctly aligned for consistent and accurate reading. The track length ensures that documents slide along the metal plate smoothly without rocking, ensuring a good read first time, every time.

The OCR315e bidirectional reader can read machine-readable passports (MRP), visas (MRV), US and international residence permits as well as European and other national ID cards conforming to ICAO 9303 & ISO/IEC 7501-1 (2 and 3-line MRZ), which covers more than 100 countries. It will also read ISO/IEC 18013-1 driving licences (1-line MRZ), so is future-proofed.

OCR315e integrated in the NOVO Release Terminal GASTRO


About Access-IS

Access-IS is at the forefront of the development of innovative electronic systems specialising in image processing, RFID/NFC technology, barcode reading and specialist keyboards. Access-IS are dedicated to manufacturing products designed to accurately capture and transfer information into electronic systems.

Access operate in over 72 countries around the globe in three highly specialised verticals: Airline/Airport, ID & Security and Transport Ticketing. In addition to our specialist custom keyboards, which are now the ‘de-facto’ standard for some of the largest banks, airlines and retailers in the world, the product range includes boarding gate readers, a wide range of document readers for ID document capture and scanning, and ticket readers for ground transport and access control.

Access-IS ID & Security products are designed to read e-Passports, e-IDs and e-DLs for governmental and commercial applications. From the world’s smallest OEM OCR reader to our advanced full-page passport reader, we have a product for every application: Border Control, Immigration, Document Issuance, Law Enforcement, Banking, Retail, Data Capture, KYC or Anti-Money Laundering and Age Verification.

Accredited to ISO9001:2015 and with a track record stretching back 30 years, Access-IS continues to guarantee the highest standards of design and quality with its dedicated Research and Development team based in the UK, and the vast majority of its products manufactured in the UK with only the highest quality materials and techniques.



LÖWEN ENTERTAINMENT, based in Bingen am Rhein, develops, produces and operates gaming machines. Since it was founded in 1949, the company has stood for innovation and quality in everything to do with gaming and entertainment. Today LÖWEN ENTERTAINMENT employs over 4,000 people and is one of the leading providers in the industry in Germany. With the ADMIRAL brand, the company offers an attractive gaming experience in over 550 state-licensed gaming halls nationwide, and under the ADMIRALBET brand, a modern online sports betting offer. For the love of the game.


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