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Gate, Platform, Turnstile & Kiosk Ticketing

Over the last few years mobile ticketing has grown massively in popularity, offering a simpler and more pleasant passenger experience whilst reducing cost and complexity for service operators.

Access-IS offers products that are built for integration into TVM, gates, turnstiles as well as standalone platform validators – designed for all contactless NFC ticketing systems, including cEMV payment and QR/barcode. Access-IS products like the VAL100 offer the unique benefit of seamless integration into multiple legacy, current and future ticketing technologies, with all reads taken from a single point of presentation in less than half a second.


Access-IS Platform and Gate Products 

One Touchpoint… All Tickets

The advantages of mobile ticketing for transportation authorities and operators are lower sales and operation costs, new revenue opportunities through electronic promotions, quicker passenger boarding, data collection, and an enhanced customer experience.

In modern transit systems passenger throughput is vitally important. Having to slow down to make a decision where they should present a ticket, or struggling to offer a ticket in precisely the right manner to a reader, can cause long queues and cause serious reputational damage to the transit authority. This is why Access-IS has concentrated on bringing technologies together to create a seamless, intuitive user experience that can be found in action in mass transit systems around the world, including light and heavy rail, metro and subway, buses and coaches, and more.

Applications Include

  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • Trains
  • Trams
  • Subway/Metro
  • Ferries


Product Showcase

A selection of some of the key Access-IS Transport & Ticketing products

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