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BGR135 - Oblique

Compact and Robust for Frontline Use

The BGR135 is a compact boarding gate reader for 2D barcoded boarding passes (BCBP’s), designed to read smartphones and home-printed paper documents. In addition, the BGR135 includes a receipt printing port and an integrated on/off switch.

Face-Up Barcode Reading

The BGR135 reads barcodes face up, enabling operators to quickly present barcodes to the reader interface. Speed of transaction is also enhanced by near-zero latency in the omnidirectional imager, so that barcodes are read instantly in any orientation.

Additional features to ensure fast passenger processing include 2 x 16 character interface to clearly display passenger information, bright green and red LED visual indicators, and a user-programmable audio beep to confirm successful data capture.


BGR135 - Screen detail


Future-Proof and Versatile

A wide range of emulations are available for connection to Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE®) or dedicated systems. Additionally, to ensure that the BGR135 is future-proof, new firmware can be remotely downloaded and installed on the device.


The BGR Quick Release Bracket provides a simple means to secure the BGR135 to a counter-top or podium preventing it from being damaged or stolen and acting as a deterrent to agents relocating the hardware.

The RP9000 is a simple, reliable and robust printer for rapid recipt printing. With the BGR135, it can be used to facilitate seat assignment using home-printed or electronic passes allowing seat changes at the gate. Quick release bracket also avaiable.

Device Features

Connection type

  • RS232 RS232


  • Barcode Barcode

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Fast Barcode Reading

Fast, omnidirectional 1D/2D barcode imager

Fast, simple read

Large throat allows A4/full-page documents to be read on presentation

Popular Symbologies

Reads IATA recommended PDF417, 2D and linear symbologies


Wide range of emulations available & FLASH upgradeable software

Simple integration

Single RS-232 or USB connection to host

User feedback

Green and red indicator beacons and audio beeper

Receipt printer

RJ45 port for receipt printer functionality

Options Including

Quick release bracket