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BGR750 - Oblique

All Media Types including Smart Watches

The BGR750 is a modern, flatbed Passenger Processing Device for all barcoded boarding passes (BCBP’s), designed specifically to allow intuitive use with all media types including the latest phones, tablets and smart watches.

Face-Down Barcode Reading

Barcode tickets are presented, face-down, over the scanning window. The large window, wide viewing angle, and depth-of-field creates a large barcode reading area. This makes positioning of the barcode easy and results in fast detection and reading even before the document touches down.

The BGR750 has been designed with a very low profile making it the ideal solution for desktop or embedded use. Installation flexibility is further extended by the choice of an angled screen or no screen (OEM Only) at all to suit the application for contactless operation in the field. This allows it to cater for the latest developments in NFC-enabled phones, tablets and smart cards.


BGR750 Boarding Gate Reader - Platen & LEDs Detail


Intuitive To Use  

Designed for future-proof operation, the BGR750 can be supplied equipped for contactless use. Additionally, the BGR’s large scanning window has been designed to allow for optional passport MRZ reading by purchasing a software license.

Ease of use by passengers and operators was paramount in the design. The colour screen displays text and instructional icons to the user to enhance interaction. Feedback is also given by the twin banks of four bright LEDs down the sides of the display, plus the loud audio beeper. Each of the eight LED indicators are multicolour: typically they would all illuminate either Green or Red to indicate permission to board or not; but can also be programmed to illuminate individually.

Future-Proof and Versatile

A wide range of configurations are available for connection to Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE®) or dedicated systems. Additionally, to ensure that the units are future-proof, new firmware can be remotely downloaded to them.


BGR750 Boarding Gate Reader - Camera & Platen Detail


Device Features

Connection type

  • Ethernet Ethernet *
  • RS232 RS232 *


  • Barcode Barcode

Reader size

  • Full Page Full Page *
* Optional

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The BGR750 and Cloud Connectivity

See how the BGR750 Contactless Passenger Processing Device can deliver the ultimate in flexible, mobile airport and airline passenger processing in the Cloud - free of PCs and electrical mains.


Fast Barcode Reading

Fast, omnidirectional 1D/2D barcode imager

Flexible Design

Angled LCD display or non display to allow for any installation

Popular Symbologies

Reads IATA-recommended PDF417, QR, Aztec & other 2D and linear symbologies


Wide range of emulations and connection options available

Simple integration

RS-232, USB*, Ethernet* & Mini-HDMI* connection to host

User feedback

Green and red indicator beacons and audio beeper

Receipt printer

RS-232 serial port for receipt printer functionality

Options Including

Contactless/NFC capability, Desk mount bracket, MRZ reading