Delivering real benefits through custom keyboards

Programmable keyboards allow individual users and organisations to design a keyboard layout suited perfectly to their needs. Each individual key is fully programmable with multiple layers and macros allowing different functions to be assigned to specific keys.

Access IS has been manufacturing fully programmable custom keyboard products for over 30 years, delivering high quality, reliable products with the flexibility to meet ever changing customer applications.

Advantages & Benefits

● Fully programmable and customisable keys
● Improve ergonomics and productivity
● Reduction of errors by automating repetitive input and key combinations
● Cherry MX mechanical key switches
● Two-shot insert moulded ABS keycaps
● Compact modular design with a range of QWERTY and MATRIX base layouts
● Increased lifetime and serviceability

Typical Applications

Banking & Trader

  • Bank Tellers
  • Financial Traders
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Credit Clearing

Industrial Automation

  • Machine & Process Control
  • Laboratory & Scientific Testing
  • Stock Counting
  • Operator Training

Retail POS

  • Cashier
  • Back office


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