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LSR120 CBC - Oblique

High-Speed Barcode Reading

The Access LSR120 barcode reader has been optimised to read CBC (customer barcode), linear and 2D barcodes commonly used on utility bills, to allow verification against the printed address and help to catch fraudulent documents.

Utility bills are commonly presented as proof of address. While fraudsters can easily falsify the address on documents, producing a fraudulent postal or customer barcode presents a much greater challenge. Often the barcode is simply overlooked. The LSR120 provides the operator with instant reading and decoding of barcodes, and provides a useful additional check of the presented document.


LSR120 CBC - Detail of reader base 'target' and LEDs


Face-Up Reading in Any Orientation

The LSR120 is a high-performance, omnidirectional barcode imager that captures barcodes within a second of presentation in any orientation – straight, sideways or upside down. A bright green indicator and sounder confirm a good read.

Withstands Years of Frontline Use

Purpose-designed to scan documents on the tabletop, the imager reads all popular linear, PDF417 and 2D symbologies currently used by postal systems and documents around the world. The device’s wide depth of field and bright aiming line allows any operator to read a document barcode intuitively and without hesitation.

Ruggedly constructed, with no moving parts, these devices are built to withstand years of frontline use.


LSR120 CBC - Detail of reader head and base


Quick Release Bracket (QRB)

The LSR120 QRB provides a simple means to secure the device to a counter-top or podium preventing it from being damaged or stolen and acting as a deterrent to agents relocating the hardware.

Device Features

Connection type

  • RS232 RS232


  • Barcode Barcode

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Fast Barcode Reading

Fast, omnidirectional 1D/2D barcode imager

Connection Options

RS232 and USB (serial or keyboard) interface options

Easy Software Upgrades

FLASH upgradeable software

User feedback

Green and red indicator lights and audio beeper

Barcodes Read

Supports documents & utility bills incl. POSTNET, PLANET & Intelligent Mail barcode (IM barcode); CBC including RM4SCC & KIX, PostBar CPC 4-state CBC, 2D PDF417