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OCR310e - MC7 - Oblique

Access’ OCR310-MC7m snap-on accessory provides optical character recognition (OCR) and magnetic swipe (MSR) reader capability for Motorola™ MC70, MC75 and MC75A mobile computers.  Simply by attaching to the heel of the Motorola device, the unit is fully functional. 

Careful power management within the adapter minimises the units power consumption and maximises time between return-to-base charging.


OCR310e - MC7 - Detail of reader mounted on phone


The OCR reading functionality captures code lines reliably from machine readable documents including passports (MRP), visas (MRV) and OCRB encoded cards such as the US Resident Alien card and European national ID cards all conforming to ICAO 9303 standards. In addition, APACS debit and credit documents can be read (APACS standards 3.1 and 3.2, respectively), together with E13B, OCRB and mixed E13B and OCRB fonts. LEDs and an audible sounder provide a clear indication of a good or bad read.

The MSR is capable of reading two tracks of a magnetic stripe card. This allows the adapter to read a number of magnetic media including loyalty and credit cards conforming to ISO7811/2-5, ATB2 travel documents.  



  • Queue busting at airport check-in
  • Police identification-checking
  • Security checks at airport boarding gates
  • AQQ, e-borders and APIS generation

Device Features


  • Magnetic Strip Magnetic Strip

Reader size

  • Swipe Swipe

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Intuitive Use

Simple bidirectional OCR swipe reading

User feedback

Green & red indicator lights and beeper

Long Battery Life

Low power consumption and sleep mode

Simple Charging

Easy power charging via docking station

MSR & OCR Reading

Combined MSR and OCR reading with the OCR310-MC7m