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Visitor Management

Knowing who you are giving access to in your corporate headquarters, industrial complex or military base is crucial in these uncertain times. For many companies and organisations it’s simply no longer sufficient to accept an ID document at face value and allow access.


Visitor receptionist handing ID card back


Making sure you know who you're letting in

Access-IS builds solutions for all budgets and requirements. Our class-leading readers capture images, machine-readable zones (MRZ) and barcode data while simultaneously performing standard document checks. They can perform BACS, PACE, Extended, Active & Passive authentication, to help establish if a document is genuine or has been tampered with.

At the next level, the document can be run through third party software to verify its authenticity – by performing multiple tests using scanned images using one or more available light sources, such as visible light, infrared and ultraviolet. A wide range of authentication techniques is used for each supported document utilising a comprehensive library of global travel and ID documents, including driving licences and other identity documents.

Once you have verified a visitor and issued them a personal access token, Access-IS also has barcode / NFC readers designed to further facilitate and control access and movement.


Identity & Security Showcase

A selection of some of the key Access-IS Identity & Security products

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