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The use of advanced voting technology has become much more prevalent over the past few years, with a drive to deliver free and fair elections across the globe by combatting risks posed by groups and individuals seeking to undermine the democratic process.


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Combatting fraud to ensure free and fair elections

Two of the key threats faced by electioneers, that can be efficiently and effectively combatted by technology, are voters casting multiple votes and impersonation. Dealing with the former can be as simple as updating a live database of eligible voters. Although this can be done manually the use of ID/Passport readers greatly speeds up the process and removes the risk of errors.

Voter impersonation requires an extra level of security, which might include checking a passport or similar document for authenticity, for example by ensuring photos or details have not been tampered with. Alternatively, a small swipe reader might be integrated into a tabletop device that also features a biometric fingerprint reader, to check a national ID against registered fingerprint information.


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