Passport and ID card readers for airports and airlines A variety of 2D barcode readers Kiosk and autogate readers Passport and ID document readers
Access IS designs and manufactures innovative equipment that enables fast and accurate capture and transfer of information into electronic systems.

Our data capture products:

Passport & ID card readers

Full and half-page passport and ID scanners with OCR, MRZ, NFC and RFID functionality


2D barcode readers

High performance devices for reading a range of barcodes on smartphones, tablets and paper


OCR swipe readers

A variety of OCR swipe readers, including MICR cheque readers and combined MSR/OCR devices


MSR readers

Magnetic swipe readers designed to read credit, loyalty, gift and log-on cards.


Custom keyboards

Design of highly reliable custom keyboards with optimised layouts and integrated readers


Integrated keyboards

Market-leading keyboards designed for airline passenger check-in and boarding








Solutions for:

Watch an animated video showing the benefits and rugged nature of our LSR116 barcode and LSR118 NFC and barcode readers.




New products /
latest technologies

ADR100 Photo ID ReaderThe ADR100 Photo ID Reader captures full-colour and ultraviolet (UV) images of ID-1 (credit card) sized documents, with an infrared (IR) image option. This customer identity verification device reads driving licences, national identity cards, eID cards, resident permits, medical cards, travel cards and tickets. Read more.


OCR640 Full-page Passport ReaderThe OCR640e is a full-page ePassport and eID card reader, with optional 2D barcode reading. It captures ultraviolet and infrared images as well as the full page of a passport in colour. In a simultaneous single action this reader will decode a passport's MRZ and process RFID data from its chip. Read more.


OCR601-Mk2 Half-page ePassport and eID Card ReaderThe OCR601-Mk2 Half-page ePassport and eID Card Reader is a fast, accurate MRZ data reader with RFID functionality. This device simultaneously captures and processes data fields, including a holder's image, from a document's chip. Read more.



Access releases the next generation of the world's smallest low-power OEM OCR reading engine.OCR310e Miniature OEM OCR Reading Engine

The miniaturized OCR310e Reading Engine weighs 16g and captures and processes code lines from machine readable documents, such as passports, visas, ID cards and payment cards, in less than half a second. Read more.