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Access IS designs and manufactures innovative equipment that enables fast and accurate capture and transfer of information into electronic systems.

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Watch an animated video showing the benefits and rugged nature of our LSR116 barcode and LSR118 NFC and barcode readers.





All Hajj and Umrah tour operators and agents click here


All Hajj and Umrah tour operators and agents click here


New products /
latest technologies


ADR100 Photo ID Reader

The ADR100 Photo ID Reader captures full-colour and UV images of ID-1 (credit card) sized documents, with an IR image option. Verifies driving licences, national identity cards, eID cards, resident permits, medical cards, travel cards and tickets. Read more.


OCR640 Full-page Passport Reader

The OCR640e is a full-page ePassport and eID card reader, with optional 2D barcode reading. It captures UV and IR images as well as the full page of a passport in colour, while simultaneously decoding and processing a passport's MRZ and RFID data. Read more.


OCR601-Mk2 Half-page ePassport and eID Card Reader

The OCR601-Mk2 Half-page ePassport and eID Card Reader is a fast, accurate MRZ data reader with RFID functionality. Read more.



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