Passport and ID card readers for airports and airlines A variety of 2D barcode readers Kiosk and autogate readers Passport and ID document readers
Access IS designs and manufactures innovative equipment that enables fast and accurate capture and transfer of information into electronic systems.

Our data capture products:

Passport & ID card readers

Full and half-page passport and ID scanners with OCR, MRZ, NFC and RFI functionality


2D barcode readers

High performance devices for reading a range of barcodes on smartphones, tablets and paper


OCR swipe readers

A variety of OCR swipe readers, including MICR cheque readers and combined MSR/OCR devices


MSR readers

Magnetic swipe readers designed to read credit, loyalty, gift and log-on cards.


MICR readers

Stand-alone and integrated Magnetic Ink Character Recognition document readers


Custom keyboards

Design of highly reliable custom keyboards with optimised layouts and integrated readers


Integrated keyboards

Market-leading keyboards designed for airline passenger check-in and boarding








Solutions for:

Watch an animated video showing the benefits and rugged nature of our new LSR116 barcode reader.




New products /
latest technologies

OCR640 full-page passport & barcode readerThe OCR640 is a full-page ePassport and eID card reader, with optional 2D barcode reading. It captures ultraviolet and infrared images as well as the full page of a passport in colour. In a simultaneous single action this reader will decode a passport's MRZ and process RFID data from its chip.


LSR116 barcode reader designed for retail installationThe LSR116 is a robust 2D barcode reader designed for integration into a wide variety of self-service installations. With optimised imaging and 2D omnidirectional barcode reading, it will quickly and reliably read from smartphones, tablets and printed paper documents. This unit is well sealed, rugged and water-resistant – to withstand years of indoor and outdoor public access use.


OCR601 half-page passport readerThe OCR601 is a half-page MRZ ePassport and eID card reader. By integrating RFID decoder functionality, this device simultaneously and efficiently captures and processes data fields, including the holder's image, from the chip. The OCR601 offers a robust and cost-effective alternative to a full-page, multi-illumination ID scanner.


OCR316 USB OCR passport and ID readerThe OCR316 is a compact USB OCR passport, ID card and credit card reader. This device can be easily attached to a wide range of handheld and ultra mobile PCs, tablets, keyboards and monitors, or it can act as a compact standalone device – particularly when counter space is at a premium.