2D barcode and NFC readers for smartphones, tablets, smart watches, paper and contactless NFC/RFID enabled devices

Access IS 2D barcode & NFC document readers


Access manufactures high-performance barcode readers for reading all media types in a variety of situations. They are designed for desktop applications requiring reliable, one-touch barcode reading, and for easy integration into self-service gates and kiosks.

All of our readers are equipped to read 2D barcode symbologies, including QR and AZTEC. There is usually an option for NFC/RFID functionality, for contactless reading of NFC-enabled smartphones, smart cards and travel tickets.




2D barcode and NFC/RFID reading products


Barcode and NFC Boarding Gate Readers

Barcode & NFC boarding gate readers

Capable of reading ATB2; 2D BCBP data from smartphones, smart watches and paper, with optional RFID and NFC functionality


  VAL100 On-board Validator

VAL100 on-board validator

Fast, accurate, robust barcode/NFC/RFID ticket validator for contactless and mobile tickets and passes. Available with 3G/4G.



Modern boarding gate reader designed specifically with a large throat to allow truly intuitive use with all media types including the latest smart watches.

  ATR110 2D barcode scanner

ATR110 desktop

2D barcode reader with optional Contactless NFC, for smartphones, tablets, smartcards and paper.

ATR110 datasheet

LSR116 2D barcode scanner for integration into kiosks

LSR116 & LSR118 for integration into gates, kiosks, mobile ticketing

Sealed, rugged, water-resistant 2D barcode and NFC/RFID reader.

LSR118 datasheet



lsr120 2d barcode scanner

LSR120 desktop

Face-up, omnidirectional 2D barcode desktop reader.

LSR120 datasheet


lsr110 2d barcode scanner

LSR110 desktop

2D barcode reader for use with smartphones, tablets and paper.

LSR110 datasheet


  handheld barcode scanner

Handheld 2D Scanners

Multi-purpose barcode scanning wands for reading linear and 2D barcodes with wireless solution options.