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Access IS ISO9000 manufacturing

An Introduction to Access IS

Access IS designs and manufactures innovative equipment that enables fast and accurate capture and transfer of information into electronic systems.


Over 75% of the products we sell are application specific, so we are used to understanding our customers' challenges and offering reliable and cost-effective solutions.


We have a wide range of platforms on which to base new custom or semi-custom designs. Our world-wide customer base includes airports, retail point-of-sale, retail banking and financial institutions, public transportation smart and mobile ticketing, and self-service kiosk manufacturers.


We design and manufacture in the UK, with hardware and software engineering employing one third of our staff. Access is ISO9001:2008 accredited. We are committed to providing a responsive and professional service, and pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of integrity and business ethics. We value long-term relationships and relish the challenges of helping customers manage the input and output of data from electronic systems in the most cost-effective way.



A brief history of Access IS


In-house Capabilities


Our aim is to be an agile business and we pride ourselves in the speed with which we can respond to our customers' requests and requirements. To support this philosophy we maintain all key disciplines in-house.


Mechanical & PCB Design


Product realisation begins with CAD and we use Solid Edge and Siemens NX mechanical and PCB design tools. Our products often incorporate many material types and we cater for engineered resins, complex in-mold decorating and multi-shot tooling.


CAD design at Access IS

Our PCB layout group use the latest Altium software which allows complete real-time integration of the PCB with our mechanical 3D CAD. Our in-house PCB knowledge means that we are able to take into consideration complex issues like ESD, RF interference and trace inductance early in the design cycle.


Our designs go through comprehensive design verification testing (DVT) and we follow design for manufacturability procedures to smooth the transition from design to production.


In-House Molding & Realisation

Keypad transition from design to production

Wherever possible, we opt to invest in tooling to ensure high cosmetic finish and mechanical integrity whilst reducing component cost.


We have a tool room facility with automated machining centres connected directly to our CAD systems to quickly manufacture molded parts – significantly reducing the time it takes us to develop products and deliver prototypes.


In addition, we have the capability to produce two-shot molded keys, automatically mill parts for production, and laser etch housings and keytops with logos and markings for perfect customisation.

Software and Driver Development


We have developed an extensive library of software supporting diverse development platforms, processors and operating systems. Our embedded software is exceptionally flexible, allowing new designs to be released quickly, often using proven code. All device drivers and production ATE software is produced in-house. Access was one of the first UK companies to receive TickIT certification, endorsing the good practice and continuous improvement in our software design.




Surface mount in-house

We take pride in manufacturing our products in the UK efficiently and cost effectively.


The majority of our manufactured products are custom or semi-custom built and batch sizes vary from quantities of less than one hundred units to continuous, large-volume flow-lines. This level of production demands that our systems and people are highly flexible and responsive.


Our modern facilities include surface mount pick-and-place assembly, flow-soldering and in-house designed automated test facilities. Access is ISO9000:2008 certified.



Safety & Compliance


Designing with safety and EMC legislation in mind from the beginning of a design significantly reduces the time taken to bring a product to fruition.


Our engineering team has extensive knowledge of the requirements of international legislative bodies. We self-certify to apply the CE and UL marks, and our products are routinely designed to meet IEC and FCC standards.


Fcc UL and CE approvalMany solutions are based on existing designs or incorporate a number of proven technologies. This, together with in-house EMC emissions and immunity test facilities, reduces approvals overheads.



In-house Technologies


Since the company's foundation, we have continually developed our in-house data-capture capability. As technologies emerge we aim to take advantage of increases in efficiency in capturing and transferring data, and to pass these benefits on to our customers. Today, our design team has considerable knowledge in many technologies, including:


OCR reading technology

OCR, MICR & MRZ Reading

All common OCR, MRZ & MICR fonts including OCR-A, OCR-B, E-13B and CMC-7;for passport, ID card, visa card & cheque reading.


mag swipe  reading technology

Magnetic Stripe Cards

Reading & writing up to 4 tracks, typically to ISO7811/2/3;for credit, loyalty, access control card reading; travel document reading.


2D barcode reading technology

2D Symbol & Barcode Reading

Reading of linear & 2D bar codes such as PDF417, Aztec, QR & Datamatrix;for airport boarding card, mobile ticket & voucher reading.


Smartcard reading technology

Smartcards & ICCs

Reading & writing of contact & contactless cards to ISO7816;for single sign-on & public key infrastructure security.


NFC RFID reading technology

NFC & RFID Reading

Passive & active communication mode technology for near field communication ;for data capture from e-passports, e-ID cards & mobile tickets.


USB Bluetooth technologyUSB & Bluetooth

Mainly used to connect Access devices to host systems & peripheral devices;for bi-directional, fast connection of Access devices.




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