Airport check-in, bag drop, kiosk, boarding gate and security solutions

Access IS airport productsAccess is a global market leader in the design and manufacture of airport readers, imaging devices and keyboards.


Our products include fast and accurate 2D barcode and NFC/RFID readers for smartphones, tablets and printed travel documents. We also design and build low-cost check-in printers and miniature passport reading engines. Our robust keyboards with integrated ATB2, credit card and passport reading functionality are famous throughout the industry.

Access' airport & airline product range


BGR750 Flatbed Boarding Gate Reader

Face up boarding gate reader

Low profile flatbed design with optional RFID/NFC functionality makes it ideal for desktop and OEM use


  ATOM Multi-Function Reader

Multi-Function Reader

State-of-the-art OCR/MSR/BCR reader for desktop use and simple OEM integration


BGR700Face down boarding gate readers

Capable of reading ATB2; 2D BCBP data from all media, with optional RFID/NFC functionality



Airport receipt printer Receipt printers

For use with boarding gate readers as a simple and reliable means to print receipts


OCR640 Passport Reader

Full-page desktop MRTD readers

Full-page reader for ePassports and eID cards, with single action MRZ, image and chip decoding.



OEM full-page passport and ID readersFull-page OEM MRTD readers

Full-page reader for ePassports, eID cards and visas with single action MRZ, image and chip decoding.


Half-page MRZ ePassport and eID reader

Half-page MRTD Reader

Half page MRZ reader for passports, ID cards, contactless and contact smart cards

  Integrated AKB keyboard

Passport & credit card reading keyboards

BGR boarding gate reader and bar code scannerDesktop & mobile OCR/MSR readers

OCR readers for passport, ATB; credit card readers, serial or USB interface



NFC & barcode desktop reader

Compact and robust 2D barcode and NFC/RFID reader

Barcode & NFC readers for mobile phone and ticket readingOEM 2D barcode & NFC readers

A comprehensive range of OEM barcode and NFC/RFID readers


  Handheld Barcode Scanner

Handheld 2D Scanners

Multi-purpose barcode scanning wands for reading linear and 2D barcodes





Access supply products to airports and airlines in over 70 countries, and our devices are installed in most of the busiest airports in the world.


Graphic data from Airports Council International (ACI), 2016; passenger traffic is measured by total passengers enplaned, deplaned and direct transit.





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