Dealing room keyboards and keypads

dealer room keypadSuitable for equities, fixed income and FX trader systems, our range of specialist keypads and keyboards are designed to satisfy the demanding requirements the the trading environment and to integrate in to existing common platforms.


The design focus for our base products has been to provide a robust keyboard solution in a compact and flexible format. In addition to a comprehensive range of base models, both with and without fully alpha-QWERTY layouts, we offer a custom keyboard and keypad solutions.




Dealing room keyboard and keypad considerations


Key switch design and programming Access keypad programming software

Optimised operator transaction speed and accuracy can be achieved with clear key layout and programming.


We provide a configuration service to customise keypads with special key layouts, colours and legends. Key positions can be programmed to have a single character or string of characters. Adjacent keys may be combined to provide double or quad keys. Alternatively, keys may be disabled using a key switch lock-out cover. A keyboard pass-through port is fitted as standard for system maintenance and programming.


To help customers design their own keyboard configurations, Access has developed their SoftProg32 Windows configuration software. Available free-of-charge to Access customers, this utility is intuitive to use. Once completed, a keyboard configuration can be downloaded to the keyboard's non-volatile memory or be sent back to us where we can use the configuration settings to programme keyboards in production.
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Desk space
Dealing room keypad

The majority of the applications we satisfy have a pressure on the amount of space available to the keyboard. As a result we have become expert at providing compact designs, with full function keyboards as small as 16 by 14.5cm.


Reliability is built in to all products as standard. This begins with the use of high quality key switches that are designed to withstand 50 million operations. Contact is made half way along the key switch's 4mm travel, providing a high quality and responsive feel to the operator. All keyboards are built around a robust steel frame into which all key switches are directly fixed providing a strong back-bone to every design.


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Significant investments are made by our customers in their brand, and their brand image can be carried through to the keyboard as simply as adding the corporate logo or as far as matching the keyboard housing and keytops to the corporate colours.


Standard product overview


Ultra compact dealer keyboard48 key dealing room keypad

8 x 6 matrix miniature keypad measuring only 159 x 144 mm and available in dark grey and cool white housings.

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Compact dealing room keypad80 key dealing room keypad

10 x 8 matrix compact design to satisfy the majority of trading and dealer room requirements. 198 x 180 mm size and available in dark grey and cool white housings.

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Trading keyboard 90 key90 key dealing room keypad

15 x 6 matrix in a 293 x 176 mm package and available in dark grey and cool white housings.

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127 dealer room keypad120 key dealing room keyboard

15 x 8 matrix in a 293 x 187 mm package and available in dark grey and cool white housings.

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127 dealer room keypadCompact alpha programmable keyboard

Compact QWERTY layout keyboard with integrated programmable functionality.

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Trading keyboard 90 keyFull-sized alpha programmable keypad

Enhanced PC-style keyboard allows the integration of programmable functionality into a conventional QWERTY keyboard.

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Custom dealing room keyboards

NYSE custom keypadWith a wide range of flexible products the majority of keypad and keyboard designs can be satisfied using standard AKC-family products. For applications with particular or unusual needs, we offer a custom design service. Our staff have extensive experience in optimising designs and will be pleased to consult with you to offer the most cost-effective solution. Please contact us via our sales team.



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