OEM access gate, kiosk and turnstile readers

Access IS passport and ID card readers


Our OEM readers are designed for simple and fast integration into kiosks, podiums, turnstile and access gates. Their unique design delivers excellent read performance with smartphones, tablets and paper. Low maintenance and hard-wearing durability guarantees they will withstand years of frontline public use, and their compact footprint ensures they will fit any installation.

Applications include: travel and car park ticketing, airport check-in and immigration eGates, hotel check-in kiosks, retail and leisure outlets, self-service gates and quick-service restaurants.


Gate, kiosk and turnstile reading products


More information about the LSR116 OEM 2D barcode reader

LSR116 & LSR118 OEM 2D barcode and NFC readers

2D barcode scanner for reading QR, Aztec and other 1D and 2D barcodes, with capability to read NFC-enabled smartphones, tablets and smart cards.

  More information about the OCR 640 full-page multi-illumination passport reader

OCR640e OEM document reader

Full-page, multi-illumination eDocument reader for reading passports, visas and ICAO 9303-compliant documents.

More information about the OCR601 half-page document reader

OCR601-Mk2 Half-page ePassport & eID Reader

Half page MRZ reader for passports, ID cards, contactless and contact smart cards.



LSR116 installation at trade exhibition entrance



Baggage check-in off-airport: LSR116s installed in off-site baggage tag kiosks (Courtesy BBC Norway: Off-Airport Strategy)