OCR (optical character recognition) desktop and handheld swipe readers

OCR316 passport and card reader with MSR

We produce a range of robust, reliable and quick OCR readers, including a device with combined MSR (magnetic swipe reader).

Intuitive, easy swipe operation

Easily integrated into the smallest desktop space

Compatible with all leading system software

Host connection can be made via RS232 or USB interfaces

Low cost alternative to full-page passport readers

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OCR swipe reading products


More information about the OCR312 and OCR313 readers

OCR315e and OCR316e with MSR

The OCR315 bi-directional reader can read 2-line and 3-line MRZs from passports, ID cards, machine-readable visas and ICAO9303 travel documents. The OCR316 model also integrates a three-track MSR and is able to read credit and debit cards, loyalty cards and frequent flyer cards.



OCR310e miniature reading engine

OCR310e OEM OCR and MRZ reading engine

For integration by equipment manufacturers, an ultra compact module for mobile checking of identity (ID) cards, passports and US Resident Alien cards.



standalone OCR34X


Combined OCR and MSR reader with USB or RS232 serial interface. In addition to the reading capability of the OCR32x family, the OCR34x can read ATB2 coupons and one-, two- and three-track credit cards.




standalone OCR32X


Accurate, fast, reliable and bidirectional OCR swipe reader for reading passports, ID cards, travel documents and cheques (checks) . This device can be powered from a PC keyboard or USB port via RS232 or USB interface connections.