Passport, ID card and Driving License readers

Access IS passport and ID card readers


Our range of identity authentication & verification products include: e-passport, e-ID and e-driving license readers for government and commercial applications.

From the world’s smallest OEM OCR reader (for integration into mobile devices) to advanced passport readers, Access-IS products are designed for applications such as border control, immigration, document issuance, law enforcement, banking, gaming, retail, KYC and anti-money laundering.



Passport & ID card reading products


ATOM Document Reader

ATOM® Document Reader

Multi-illumination eMRTD reading device, with dramatically improved performance and a major leap forward in aesthetic design.


OCR640 Passport Reader

OCR640e desktop full-page ePassport reader – full shroud

This full-page, multi-illumination ePassport and eID card reading device has a compact body and a variety of hood designs for optimum use.


OCR610 half-page passport reader

OCR601-Mk2 Half-page ePassport & eID Reader

Half page MRZ reader for passports, ID cards, contactless and contact smart cards.

  OCR 640 full-page multi-illumination passport reader

OCR640e OEM full-page ePassport reader

Multi-illumination eDocument reader for kiosks, captures IR and UV data as well as full-page in colour, while simultaneously decoding MRZ data.

OCR315 and OCR316 portable document readers

OCR315e/316e compact passport & ID card reader

Very compact and robust OCR passport and ID card readers with optional MSR. Can function as standalone units or be attached to keyboards, monitors and tablets.

  ADR100 Photo ID Image and Data Reader

ADR100 photo ID reader

A quick, accurate and reliable ID-1 (credit card) sized document image and data reader that scans photo ID cards, driving licenses, health cards, transport tickets, etc.


OCR310e OEM miniature OCR reader module

OCR310e OEM miniature OCR reader module

Designed for OEM manufacturers to integrate into portable hand-held devices and ultra-mobile PC add-on modules.